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Happy New Year! 🙂 If you didn’t have time to read every. single. post. on EY MAG for the past year (there were quite a few! – 104 to be exact!). This is definitely the post for you! I was going to do a Positive Ageing link roundup but I think that this will be more beneficial -B xx

Key Positive Ageing Takeaways from wonderful research found from around-the-net!

* Positive attitudes towards ageing help us to age more positively! So much research and articles out there now talking about this connection.

* Daily/near daily exercise helps our brain stay younger and helps to prevent mental decline as we age (it is all about that blood flow!)

* Meditation is amazing. I am finding this, again and again, there are so many benefits and if I could tell you one simple thing that you should change, this would be it, it only takes 10 minutes a day and it will have a life-changing impact – get into it!

* The best diet to age positively is a diet high in plant-based foods i.e. The Mediterranean diet which contains plenty of colourful fruit and veggies/a small amount of optional fish or a whole foods vegetarian diet/vegan/near vegan diet – you can do it!

* Intellectual stimulation/constant learning helps your brain. Expose yourself to new situations, travel, visit interesting places, attend events, get creative – draw, paint, sew, read!, visit exhibitions, go on hikes, join a meet-up group, make new friends, there is a big beautiful world out there just waiting to be discovered 😉

* Regular coffee drinkers have less body-wide inflammation as they age. However, there are many other ways to reduce inflammation without picking up a coffee habit! Try a plant-based diet, regular exercise, yoga is fantastic, or add a little bit of Turmeric into your diet each day!

* The whole anti-ageing beauty industry is in decline as we are all taking a more positive stance towards ageing. Prevention is going to rule with organic/natural skincare, supplements, vitamins, herbs and tonics all going to become more popular – watch this space!

* It came up a few times over the past year but something that I will definitely be looking into more in 2018 is biohacking! How can we keep our telomeres (DNA caps at the end of our cells) nice and long to age in the best way!

* Our relationships are really important – so important in fact that they have more impact than even diet/exercise. Healthy relationships and increased social well-being help us to take care of ourselves better! Socially connected people sleep better, eat better, exercise more and regular socialising also helps us to significantly reduce stress in a positive way. Developing better relationships with others really starts with self-awareness and developing more self-knowledge so that you are better able to consider other peoples perspectives as well as your own.

* Green space/house plants are really important for mental health/healthy ageing in women. Regularly visit parks and plan hikes. Try and plan social get-togethers in nearby green spaces. Add more houseplants to your living and workspace!

* Regular HIIT (High-intensity interval training) style workouts are simply the best for retaining our muscle mass as you age plus you can get your heart rate up, get your sweat on and fit them in in much less time! Plus HIIT also helps you to retain more youthful skin and muscle mass in your face to maintain structure.

My favourite site section of 2017 was definitely the mind + body connection.

Our connection between our mind/emotions/feelings and our body is so very powerful!

Check these out:

5 Reasons to start a new daily yoga habit

Accept yourself as perfect and whole and exactly where you need to be

Learn to be ok with spending time alone! (This is also an amazing vid. that discusses this topic in a really simple way).

Getting on the no-tox train!

A huge finding for 2017 was definitely those pesky xenoestrogens and I will be doing more research this year into personal care products and how we can avoid them there as well.

How xenoestrogens/synthetic oestrogen impacts your body

Tips to detox your kitchen from plastic/xenoestrogens

Simple switches to reduce your plastic use

Get that gorgeous skin!

1. Maintain your acid mantle (that top protective skin layer)

2. Don’t strip your skin

3. Replenish any lost moisture

4. Eat your omega 3 fatty acids – so important!

A smoothie a day keeps the doctor away 😉 Try these:

My everyday smoothie recipe

A high protein smoothie (great for post workout)

Food is our fuel and we want to be putting the best possible fuel into our body for optimum performance!

Please check out the Superfood Section so much research/info. packed into each post plus some really important foods that we all need to be regularly adding into our diet 🙂

10 Foods to boost your mood

The top three EY MAG posts of 2017!

1. Get your beauty sleep

2. How loneliness impacts your health

3. Sustainable Summer essentials

My favourite quotes from 2017:

“Inflexible trees snap in the wind. The more we protect who we think we are in the face of major life changes, the more we’re at odds with the natural flow” – Ed Merck

Don’t get stuck and stay in the crazy flow of life! (My mum actually said to me the other day the only constant in life is change – sometimes life is good and sometimes life is more challenging but the only thing you can really count on is that things will always change).

“What we really need is a revolution where we celebrate and embrace every age of our lives. We need a change of mindsets to celebrate the joy of getting older, showing that our inner beauty, our experience of living and our wisdom shines through on our faces. The characteristics we have developed reveal that we have lived and that life is good to the very end” – Denise O’Neill

Celebrate yourself and your journey that got you to where you are today. Be grateful for all that is good and all that you have already achieved!

“As a child, I never heard one woman say to me, ‘I love my body’. Not my mother, my elder sister, my best friend…no woman has ever said ‘I am so proud of my body’. I make sure I say it to (my daughter) Mia because a positive physical outlook has to start at a young age” – Kate Winslet

It is so important to help stop the negative cycle and teach our daughters to love themselves and love their bodies ♥

What would you like to see on EY MAG in 2018? Please let me know! Leave a comment below or you can email me at everydayyoungmag@gmail.com – any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated!