8 Feng Shui Kitchen Cures To Bring You Abundance I...

8 Feng Shui Kitchen Cures To Bring You Abundance In 2018!

Feng Shui is based on maximising the flow of ‘chi’ or energy that flows through all things. We are all born with a certain amount of ‘life force’ or energy. As we go about our day and come into contact with things in our environment, day to day events and people our energy is either magnified and expanded or it is drained from us. Quite often as we go about our lives and our day we can feel drained of energy. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese way of looking at our homes and the placement of items in our home that is really working with us to maximise our own life force and energy so that we can be our best selves, radiate positive energy and attract in all of the good, beautiful things that we want for ourselves and our families!


The kitchen is the second most important area of your home. Your bedroom space is the most important (and we spend the most time there around 7-8 hours every night at least!). The kitchen comes next and then the bathroom comes third. These three areas are the most important areas to keep clutter free, clean and beautiful because they are strongly correlated with our health and wellness. Our environment is either supporting and magnifying our health or working against it. We want these three areas especially to be well organised and clean. Constantly walking into a dirty, messy kitchen and not having clear bench space to make food is incredibly draining. You do not need a lot of space and money to create good Feng Shui in your kitchen! Keeping things clean and well organised is the first step.


The kitchen placement within the home and the layout all hold weight and have meaning in Feng Shui. It is all very complicated! The oven represents fire energy and should be dominant in the kitchen. Quite often the oven is placed at the back of the kitchen but it is better Feng Shui to have it placed where whoever is cooking can see the rest of the kitchen. Along with the fire energy element there is metal, wood, earth and water. The kitchen is one of the areas of the home where you will be able to create a good balance of these five elements just by the appliances, flooring, and materials that you use within the kitchen space. Try to place like energies together, e.g. cooking or fire elements together like the stove, microwave or jug and water elements together e.g. sink, fridge. Many kitchens might have too much of the ‘fire’ element because they are used for cooking so you can balance them by adding plants for the earth element, wooden bowls to store fruit for the wood element and perhaps a mirrored splash back somewhere for the water element. Putting a mirror behind your oven magnifies it and makes it appear more dominant in your kitchen which is good Feng Shui.


The oven is really important to keep sparkling clean because it symbolises our wealth. Rather than let the grime build up and then be forced to use toxic cleaners it is best to wipe out your oven weekly with baking soda and water. Conventional oven cleaners are very toxic to spray in our homes and for us to be exposed to – only use them when really necessary (when you have a build up!) and then ongoing stick to a weekly scrub with baking soda. Apparently hanging towels on your oven door is bad Feng Shui! (something I am guilty of!). Clean your fridge weekly to remove any bad or spoiling food. Weekly cleans also enable you to see what you have and what needs to be eaten or used up which also saves you money in the long run. Try not to pile up your refrigerator door with a bunch of junk! Work to keep it clear and designate other areas for photos or takeout menus or otherwise keep it current. Regularly declutter and remove any old papers or photos.

In Feng Shui, the windows represent the ‘eyes’ of our home and affect our ability to see clearly, have clarity in the direction of our lives and make decisions. Dirty windows can mean that we can struggle to see and think clearly about our current life situation and where we are moving towards! Which can mean that we can get stuck and not know which direction to take next? Keep your kitchen windows sparkling clean so that you can clearly see where you are heading in life!

Make sure your kitchen is fully stocked with all of the right equipment to make nourishing, healthy food. A good thing to do is to start a ‘Kitchen Wish List’ in your phone memos so that when you are out and about you can easily grab any extra kitchen items you may need. Store items near to where they are most likely to be used to make things easier for yourself and anyone else who uses the kitchen. Try to purchase items in natural materials where possible (of course there will be lots of instances where this is not possible!). Work on keeping plastic out of your kitchen or at least cutting down or looking for alternatives.

Store out of sight all appliances that are not used daily and keep all counter space as clear as possible! At the end of the day wipe all counters so that when you get up to make breakfast everything is clean and fresh for the new day. When you buy fruit wash it in a solution of water and vinegar and arrange it nicely in bowls so that you are more likely to eat it! Don’t keep knives on the counter, it is bad Feng Shui! Keep them neatly tucked away in a drawer. Plants and flowers are great things to use to decorate your kitchen. Plants symbolise life and are great for keeping our kitchen air clean (especially for new kitchens as many of the glues used in kitchen construction are toxic and can off-gas). Flowers are also really good things to keep in our kitchen. They lift our mood and our spirits and bring positive energy into our kitchen space.

Keep your freezer, fridge and pantry well stocked with healthy food. A well stocked fridge and cupboard symbolise abundance. If you look into your fridge and it is full of fresh healthy food you feel more inspired to take care of yourself, eat well, and prepare your own meals with love. You will also feel more abundant which helps to create the mindset that will attract more good things into your life. Constantly looking into an empty or near empty fridge means that you are going to struggle to find things to cook or prepare and you are more likely to eat out. It is also going to create lack, stress around money, and you might struggle with personal nourishment and wellness. Keep a pantry/fridge staples list on your phone/iPad. Once a month or once a fortnight do a big restock of all food staples. Try to buy fresh produce or things that are going to spoil on a weekly basis. You could even plan in a regular trip to the market every weekend! Buy or thrift glass mason jars for storing food in your pantry and fridge (they really are the best and you can take them out on the go with you also!). Work towards setting aside a regular time each week for healthy food prep. Opening up your fridge and seeing freshly made hummus, dips, and sauces plus fresh veggie and fruit snacks already cut up makes it so much easier to eat healthy!


Your energy goes into the food that you prepare and give to your family. Try to be in a positive state of love and abundance when you use your kitchen to prepare food. Try not to cook or make food if you are upset or angry. What a gift it is that you are abundant enough to have beautiful fresh food and the time to prepare it. Make food with love and put your love into everything that you prepare. That love then goes into the mouths and bodies of everyone who is nourished by the beautiful food that you make! If you have space create a dining area to share food, eat and have conversation. Round tables are best! Try to eliminate screen use during meal times. If you often eat alone try and make it a special experience, lay the table, light a candle and perhaps even say a special poem or prayer. Try and create a special ritual or routine around meal times!

I hope you enjoyed these Feng Shui tips! If you have any more kitchen wellness tips please share in the comments! ♥

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